T-tunics 201

When I first began playing in the SCA I had NO IDEA how to sew, much less actually make clothing.  I had an entire family to garb, and very little skill in doing so.  I fumbled and bumbled and stressed my way through it.

Then Gulf Wars… 10 days… 3 people, including a fighter that would wear multiple outfits a day and a toddler who’d wear several each day as well.  We needed clothes, a lot of them.  I was on day number next of threatening to throw the sewing machine out the window and run away when I vented my frustrations to my laurel.  Who raised an eyebrow and said “just make T-tunics!”  My mental picture of an overlarge t-shirt wasn’t flattering on anyone, and I was vain enough that it mattered.  “No really” she said “go look at the fighting tunic Jon borrowed from Elesar.  It’s just a t-tunic.”  I went and looked  and it was like fireworks exploded in my brain.  Here was a simple shaped 2 piece garment, that looked Good.

Fast forward a bit, and I’ve gotten a lot more experience making garb, but I still very frequently create T-tunics, and it always boggles minds how they can look.  So by request.. t-tunics 201:

These are all T-tunic assembly:


By T-tunic I mean as few pieces as possible.  Generally the sleeves and body piece are one piece. Sometimes additional length is added to the sleeves or gores to the sides.  These should still fit well, and pass easily for historically representative garb.

Here is a booklet I created for teaching a T-tunics 201 class.  I hope it is helpful, andplease do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

The booklet is designed to be printed double sided, flipped on the short edge, and folded in half.

T-tunics 201






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