SCA Documentation made easy

Documentation is the scary word of A&S competitions and display. It definitely doesn’t have to be! This is my sample form that may be helpful. Mistress Marion (Ellen T Hopkins) sent me her article early on my A&S journey and it was incredibly helpful. Becca Huck taught me to include a “what went wrong” section.

The biggest “trick” is visual simplicity. I’ve had judges comment that “you didn’t say why you subbed” or “what about x” and my instinctive response is “well on page 4,paragraph 2..” and I realized that didn’t work.

This simple design is like a cover sheet, I use it even with more thorough supporting documents. But it answers the most common questions at a glance.

Documentation Example

For ease, here is the same form in PDF and MS Word formats:

Documentation Example PDF

Documentation Example MS Word


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